Foto: Mila Buchelli
Foto: Mila Buchelli

What is Yoga?


The Sanskrit word Yoga means „union“ – union of body and mind, breath and movement, Devine and Self.


1.2: Yogas chitta–vritti–nirodhah (Patanjali´s Yoga-Sutras)

The restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff is Yoga.


Through the concentration on the breath and the movement, the constantly busy mind is tamed. In everyday life we focus so much on outside things and mental activities.

In yoga we want to turn inward and connect with our True Self.

Therefore yoga not only has a beneficial effect on our body but also on our mind. Once the restless mind is tamed, we can redirect our energies to other things.


Yoga changes our psychological and physical wellbeing to the better.


It improves our sleep and it can lessen problems like back and neck issues, anxieties as well as digestion and nervous problems. Yoga balances us!


Especially bad postural habits from work and repetitive movements as for instance sitting in front of the computer for hours can effect our physical state.


The breath work (pranayama) redirects the focus onto ourselves and the physical exercises (asanas) open, stretch and strengthen our body. Thus it finds its balance and functions again better.




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